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Meunier, Guy, Moulin, Lucie and Ponssard, Jean-Pierre. Why local initiatives for the energy transition should coordinate The case of cities for fuel cell buses in Europe, 2020

Meunier, Guy & Ponssard, Jean-Pierre. “Optimal policy and network effects for the deployment of zero emission vehicles,” European Economic Review, Elsevier, 2020, vol. 126(C).

Defining the Abatement Cost in Presence of Learning-by-doing: Application to the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
(with Anna Creti, Alena Kotelnikova and Guy Meunier).
Environmental and Resource Economics. Environ Resource Econ 71, 777–800 (2018).

Output-based allocations in pollution markets with uncertainty and self-selection
(with Guy Meunier and Juan-Pablo Montero).
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 92, November 2018, Pages 832-851.

Using output-based allocations to manage volatility in pollution permit markets
(with Guy Meunier and Juan-Pablo Montero).
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Policies and deployment for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles an assessment of the Normandy project
(with Julien Brunet)
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Vol 42, Issue 7. Feb 2017. 4276-4284.

Capacity Investment under Uncertainty: the Role of Imports in the US cement industry
(with Guy Meunier and Catherine Thomas)
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Volume 25, Issue 2, Summer 2016, Pages 455–486

Are cartel fines optimal ? Theory and evidence form the European Union
(with Marie Laure Allain, Marcel Boyer and Rachidi Kotchoni)
International Review of Law and Economics, 42 (2015) 38–47

EU ETS, Free Allocations, and Activity Level Thresholds: The Devil Lies in the Details
(with Frédéric Branger, Oliver Sartor, Misato Sato)
Journal of The Association of Environmental and Resource Economists JAERE, volume 2, number 3. 2015. Pages 401-437.

The Agro-Food Industry, Public Health and Environmental Protection: Investigating the Porter Hypothesis in Food Regulation
(with Eric Giraud Heraud, Bernard Sinclair Desgagné, Louis Georges Soler)
Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies, 2016, 1-14

Carbon leakage and capacity-based allocations: Is the EU right?
(with Guy Meunier and Philippe Quirion)
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Volume 68, Issue 2, September 2014, Pages 262–279

Fishing for excuses and performance evaluation
(with Francois Larmande)
Review of Accounting Studies June 2014, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 988-1008

Capacity decisions with demand fluctuations and carbon leakage
(with Guy Meunier)
Resource and Energy Economics 36 (2014) pp 436-454

A Sectoral Approach Balancing Global Efficiency and Equity
(with Guy Meunier)
Environmental and Resource Economics, , vol.53, Issue 4, 533-552, 2012

The determination of optimal fines in cartel cases: Theory and practice
(with Marie-Laure Allain and Marcel Boyer)
Concurrences, vol.4, 32-40, 2011

A proposal for the renewal of sectoral approaches building on the Cement Sustainability Initiative
(with Gregory Cook)
Climate Policy, vol.11, Issue 5, 1246-1256, 2011

Carbon Leakage from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: a comment on the cement sector,
Climate Strategies, Feb. 2009

EU Emissions Trading and the cement sector: a spatial competition analysis
(with Neil Walker),
Climate Policy, 8, 467-493, 2008

Economic modeling triggers more efficient planning : An experimental justification
(with Olivier Saulpic),
Theory and Decision, Vol 58-3, 239-282, 2005

Towards a convergence of the shareholder and stakeholder models
(with Dominique Plihon and Philippe Zarlowski),
Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol 2, Issue 3, 11-18, 2005.

Value Based Management and the corporate profit center
(with Nicolas Mottis),
European Business Forum, issue 8, 41-47, Winter 2001-2002

Selection in dynamic entry games
(with Denis Gromb and David Sevy),
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Efficiency of quantity competition : a remark on Markovian equilibria
(with Rim Lahmandi-Ayed and David Sevy),
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Less short term competition for more innovation
(with David Sevy),
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Planning in firms as an interactive process
(with Hervé Tanguy),
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Standards of behavior and time generate tacit cooperation in hierarchical relationship
(with Francis Kramarz),
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Forward induction and sunk costs give average cost pricing
Games and Economic Behavior, 3, 221-236, 1991

Self enforceable paths in extensive form games : a behavioral approach based on interactivity
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Asymmetries in cost structures and incentives towards price competition
(with Gabrielle Demange)
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Optimal Strategies in zero sum games with almost perfect information
(with Sylvain Sorin)
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Some results on zero sum games with incomplete information : the dependant case
(with Sylvain Sorin)
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The L-P formulation of finite zero sum games with incomplete information
(with Sylvain Sorin)
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The Strategic Role of Information on the Demand Function in an Oligopolistic Market
Management Science 25, n° 3, March 1979, 243-250.

Selection of Time Independant Technologies under an Uncertain Planning Horizon
(with T.N. Srinivasan)
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The Values of Information in Some Non-Zero Sum Games
(with Pierre Levine)
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A note on the L-P Formulation of Zero Sum Sequential Games with Incomplete Information
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Zero Sum Games with “Almost” Perfect Information
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Hydrogen Market Penetration : Further Refinements on the Strategy for Research
Chemical Economy and Engineering Review, September 1974.

Sequential Zero Sum Games with Incomplete Information
(with Shmuel. Zamir).
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